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Jill finally got her after photo!

“Jill Birth struggled with her weight since she was a young child. She tried many ‘diets’ through out the years and had 25 ‘before’ photos but she never had an ‘after’ photo until now!”

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A note from Heather:

Why have I loved Isagenix for eight years? I was a skeptic for two years, however someone twisted my arm hard enough and I finally tried the product. I had no idea what to expect. On the 10th day of taking Isagenix, surprisingly, I first noticed that my skin was glowing in the mirror and the next morning, I woke up and it felt like ten light bulbs turned on in my head. My mental focus and energy had gone through the roof and I had never felt better! Why had I not felt like this my whole life and why had I waited so long to try it? I then knew that this was something special and not just “another product.” Soon, I began to hear first hand, stories of how this had positively transformed people, not only with their weight, but also their health.

Why Isagenix Works

Watch this video of live red blood cells, before and after the 9 DAY Isagenix Cleanse, by Jim Rhoades (Nutritionist).

Isagenix Works!

Isagenix can help you lose weight naturally.
Mark Ostrowski AvatarMark Ostrowski

My goal is to always be better than yesterday! With Isagenix, I am consistently living my best life! - 8/22/2019 

Christine Manukyan AvatarChristine Manukyan

I chose Isagenix because I was searching for a new healthy lifestyle. Once I finally learned to stop comparing myself to others, my old excuses became my 'why' and I started to think, 'why not me!' - 8/22/2019 

Amyra Mondon AvatarAmyra Mondon

I feel and look better now at 43 than I did when I was cheering in the NFL! - 8/05/2019 

Issac Medina AvatarIssac Medina

Aim for progress, not perfection, and remember to put yourself on your 'to-do' list because you are worth it. You get one chance at life; crush it and don't quit! - 3/22/2019 

Julie Marchak AvatarJulie Marchak

Before Isagenix, I didn't make resolutions because on some level, I'd already decided I was going to fail. With the "Isabody Challenge" I have a new outlook on life. I'm so fired up about my future. - 8/11/2018 

What Makes Isagenix Different?


The formulator, John Anderson in the 1970’s, made extensive plant tissue studies in organic soil (his grandfather had an organic farm). It was then that he discovered ionic minerals.  In 1980, he translated his knowledge to the nutritional field and launched a mineral product. From here, his career in nutritional products became a success, where he worked for more than 600 private label manufacturers, including GNC, Nature’s Sunshine, Met Rx, and produced more than 2300 products during his career. He had become one of the top formulators of health and wellness supplements in the world, and one of the most successful as well. 

In 1997, John was bitten by a brown recluse spider on his foot. He had nine surgeries and the toxins became systemic by entering his bloodstream and circulating through his organs, causing partial blindness and his leg began to develop gangrene due to diabetes.  Doctors said they had to amputate his leg or he would die but as a formulator, he knew the real problem was the spider toxin, and he needed to develop a cleanse that would detoxify all of his cells at the same time. John traveled to India, Nepal, and other places looking for plants, raw materials with certain properties to help restore his eyesight and eliminate the toxins from his organs.  He was already retired and was only looking to heal himself. This is how the Isagenix Cleanse was created.

He also needed to support the muscle on his foot that was damaged by the spider toxin.  He knew that grass-fed, cold pressed whey protein contained the branch chain amino acids needed to give his muscle this support.  (This is why this protein is so effective for gaining lean muscle mass for athletes and it is also used to help the elderly prevent muscle wasting and gain weight if needed as an addition to regular meals)

His plan was to put together highest quality raw materials that would remove unwanted toxins, boost the immune system, and put the body back in a state where it can function the way it’s designed to do, allowing it to heal itself.  As John Anderson says, the silver bullet does not exist in one ingredient but in a system of ingredients. The “bullet” is in more than 200 ingredients blended synergistically, which clear the toxins out and at the same time, restore micronutrients back into the body.  Isagenix replenishes the micronutrients and trace minerals that were once found in the soil and our food years ago before chemicals, pesticides and over farming caused a great depletion. 

When John detoxed the spider toxin using the cleanse he formulated (only for himself), he also detoxed all other toxins as well, which to his surprise, accelerated weight loss was a positive side benefit.  John lost about 50 pounds in 2 months and also had other health conditions improve. He saved his leg and his life! He is the formulator that discovered toxicity is a major contributor to weight gain, obesity and an inability to lose weight and keep it off.  Isagenix is the original cleansing system and many companies have tried to copy it’s success without much luck.

John created an easy to use system and sent it to 200 of his friends to try and they also had great improvements with their health and weight.  John knew he had something special that he could not keep to himself and Isagenix was born! Of all the formulas he has created for other companies, Isagenix is the first company he has ever put his name to and the quality of the ingredients continue to remain un-compromised at the highest standard.

Give It Just 9 DAYS!

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